Democrats Deadline Looms as GOP Remains Divided

Lawmakers in Augusta are calling for Governor Paul LePage to step down, even after LePage stated he will not resign. Democratic leaders are demanding the conversations continue, while GOP leaders said they will not take action against the governor.

AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - - The Maine Legislature Senate Democratic Office said they are giving the Republican Party 24-Hours to meet or the democrats will act, to quote " deal with the fact that the governor is unable to fulfill the duties of office."

Speaker of the House Mark Eves said he wants a meeting with Legislative leaders from both parties to talk about removing the governor from office.  And assistant house majority leader Sarah Gideon said democratic leaders are giving their republican counterparts 24 hours to come together. 

According to the Maine Legislature press release, Senate Democratic Leader Alfond said Wednesday that legislative leaders from both parties must come together to determine Gov. Paul LePage’s future as the state’s chief executive.

“I plan to meet with President Thibodeau and my fellow legislative leaders from both parties in the House of Representatives as soon as possible to discuss coming back in for a special session to address the governor’s behavior and his unfitness for office.”

Sen. Justin Alfond said democratic leaders reached out to Republican leaders four days ago to request a meeting to discuss Gov. LePage's future as chief executive.  “Our door remains open," said Alfond.

“The governor’s behavior continues to reverberate throughout Maine and the nation, causing embarrassment to our state and making clear to all who are paying attention that he does not have the capacity to lead. This is not the first time the governor has lost control and apologized, and in the past, he’s gone right back to the same disturbing behavior we’ve seen again and again. I remain unconvinced that Maine won’t suffer continued episodes like this under his leadership. His resignation is the only way for Maine to return to some semblance of normalcy.”

Sen. Alfond released this statement following Gov. Paul LePage’s meeting with Rep. Drew Gattine.  "Gov. LePage did the right thing today by apologizing to Rep. Gattine for his obscene outbursts and irresponsible behavior. However, the concerns raised by the governor's actions are not solved by an apology,” said Sen. Alfond.

"Maine needs a governor capable of functioning in a crisis — one equipped to handle the stress and difficult decisions that come with the office. Gov. LePage demonstrated last week that he is not that capable leader. I remain unconvinced that the kind of out-of-control episode the governor experienced last week will not be repeated. His resignation is still the only possible assurance that Mainers can once again have the stable, functional government they deserve,” said Sen. Alfond.


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