Man allegedly films woman in tanning bed, faces charges

BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A man is facing charges after allegedly recording a woman in a tanning bed in Biddeford.

Joseph Flister has been charged with 87 counts, after allegedly being involved in array of incidents. The charges include five counts of gross sexual assault, one count of unlawful sexual touching, 40 counts of exploitation of a minor and 41 counts of violation of privacy.

The Biddeford Police Department was originally contacted on Jan. 23 about one particular incident involving Flister. An employee at a local fitness center told police she found a video recording device in a private room that houses a tanning booth. Biddeford Police went to the scene and observed a small object hanging from the ceiling.

The woman found the recording device after becoming suspicious of Flister. She decided to look into his daily activity. She told him she tanned every day after work on Jan. 22. After the fitness center closed on that day, she went into the private room and saw some sort of device hanging from the ceiling. She then told Flister she was too tired to tan, but that she planned on tanning the next evening.

The next evening, Jan. 23, Flister volunteered to clean the room with the tanning bed for her before she used it. She entered the room after he was done cleaning, and saw the same device hanging from the ceiling. She immediately contacted the Biddeford Police Department. Police came to the facility and removed the small item hanging from the wall that evening.

On Jan. 24, detectives determined the device was, in fact, a recording device. He had unknowingly recorded himself pointing the recorder toward the tanning bed. After finding that evidence, police executed a search warrant on Flister's residence in Biddeford. They seized a computer, with evidence to charge Flister with the 87 counts listed above.

Biddeford Police said there is no evidence that Flister was recording anyone other than the one female employee who contacted Police. Police said Flister had a "crush on the woman."


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