Winter snow not always an obstacle for businesses and their clients

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- With the winter storms that have been frequently hitting the area, we may assume that many local businesses will shut down on snow days due to a drop in business. But this isn't true for everyone. As it turns out, locals don't always let the snow get the best of them.

"It's been quite an adjustment. It's been, I guess everybody says a harsh winter. For us it's just been a novelty because anything was going to be different," said owner of Bangor Braces, Dr. Brad Woodford.

Back in Arizona, Woodford was known as the orthodontist with the colorful sneakers. Now facing his first winter in Maine, he often trades them in for snow boots. Like Many start up businesses, he expected challenges at Bangor Braces. Locals don't let snow keep them stranded. But with patients as far away as Acadia and Belfast, only the harshest of weather conditions will make them think twice before hitting the road.

"Today, for example, with the anticipated weather and snow on the coast, we had a number of patients coming in from that area and called and rescheduled because they weren't comfortable, of course, driving," he said.

But in downtown Bangor, Bella Hair Studio owner isn't the least bit worried about business with Wednesday's weather.

"Yeah, today, it's supposed to get pretty bad, and we haven't had one cancellation. I'm here until nine tonight," said Robert Gilgen.

He's dealt with even worse storms and piling snow throughout this winter season. In fact he has attempted to shut down because of bad weather before, but his clients wouldn't hear of it.

He said, "They get very angry! I think it's been twice this winter that we've shut down for the day and they were not happy with us. They were like 'this is Maine, you should be able to come to work.' And they know I live five minutes away, so they get really mad!"

There are days he knows other businesses close down and knows that it would be normal for him to do the same. But when his clients don't take a snow day, neither does he.

"Well sometimes I wake up when it's snowy and wish they would call in. But it makes me get out of bed and come to work because they're going to be here. Sometimes they're waiting at the door when I get here," he Gilgen said.

Always open for the clients that keep them going.


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