Summer peak season for moose-car crashes

BANGOR, MAINE (NEWS CENTER) -- Moose are on the loose; summer is the peak season for these animals to wander in the roads. Usually, its so they can catch a breeze to reduce the number of bugs surrounding them. State police said each moose accident varies depending on the roads, time of day and type of vehicle you are driving.

Experts said drivers have a better chance of surviving a crash with a vehicle that sits up higher because the grill of the car will more likely receive the impact compared to a vehicle that sits lower. In a blink of an eye, a moose can creep up on you until it's too late. They aren't easy to spot and many locals said in those split seconds you have to make a quick judgement call on what to do.

Byron Dunbar had a close moose call, but he was able to stop and prevent an accident.

"I came very close to that one and then behind that moose there was another four right in the middle of the road. But, lucky we got stopped in time so we didn't have an accident."

State police said if you come across a moose collision on the highway and you're willing to help turn on your four-way lights, so you can warn other drivers that there is a moose up ahead.


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