Scammer poses as Emera Maine representative

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A man posing as an Emera Maine representative is calling local businesses trying to trick them into paying him money. The scam artist is telling the business owners that their electric bill is unpaid or has been paid incorrectly and if it isn't paid in 45 minutes, their power will be shut off.

On Wednesday Emera received 13 calls from Bangor business owners about a man going by the name of James Pierce calling them pretending to be from Emera Maine. Pierce allegedly threatened the business owners and said if they don't pay him up to one thousand dollars right away, it's lights out. Some business owners said he even used profanity when they questioned his authority and asked to speak to his supervisor.

Emera Maine said the man appears to be targeting mostly restaurants and retail businesses. The places typically have large amounts of money on hand and he demands to be paid via money order. Emera representatives said if someone calls you and requests account information, don't give it to them. Emera would already have those details.

"If we're calling out to a customer, we're going to identify ourselves, we're going to have the appropriate account information, we're going to be able to discuss with you what your balance is, what your options are for payment, we're certainly not going to require you to go get a prepaid debit card and make a payment that way," said Emera Maine service representative, Renee Gilman.

Emera Maine advises anyone who has received these scam calls to contact the Attorney General's office as and report the incident. Emera has already informed the authorities of the problem, but upon our last check, the scam artist is still making these fake calls.


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