Prosecution rests in triple homicide trial

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After 11 days and dozens of witnesses testifying, the prosecution rested on Friday afternoon in the murder trial involving Nicholas Sexton and Randall Daluz.

The two defense teams are preparing for their turns to present to the jury. Sexton and Daluz are facing three counts of murder and one count of arson for the deaths of three people back in August 2012.

Sexton's defense team will present first, with Sexton himself expected to take the stand first thing Monday morning.

Throughout the trial so far, the State has presented more evidence about Sexton than Daluz. Sexton's attorneys say this will not be the case when it's their turn to present to the jury.

Sexton's attorney Jeffrey Toothaker said his client is ready to tell his side of the story. "We actually anticipated our client would testify today... Wait and see. It's still an open case," he said in court on Friday.

Once Sexton testifies, the Daluz defense will decide if their client will take the stand.

According to Daluz's attorney Jeffrey Silverstein, the Sexton defense team did not inform the court of what Sexton's testimony will include, but they anticipate he will point the finger as their client.

Silverstein said, "We anticipate in some measure that he will suggest Mr. Daluz bore some responsibility. It will be interested to see how Mr. Sexton navigates his way through the fact suggestive of his involvement without implicating himself as being involved."

On Friday, the judge told the jury that he expects the case to be handed over to them by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.


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