Police release images in alleged infant abuse case

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Matthew McMahan, 21, made his first appearance in court facing felony assault charges against a 1-year-old. Wednesday in court, McMahan did not have to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. A court affidavit was released with details of the investigation and images of the infant's injuries.

According to a court affidavit, the infant suffered a hemorrhage to the back of their head. Doctors at Eastern Maine Medical Center told investigators the injuries could have only happened one of two ways: "It was either by a slurring blow or by pulling the hair so violently that it separated the scalp from the skull causing a bleed which resulted in the blood pooling under the skin and appearing as a bruise."

The affidavit says the infant's mother brought the child to the ER thinking the bruises were some sort of rash. She told investigators that McMahan had told her the infant had fallen but wasn't injured.

McMahan had been the child's primary caregiver for the last four months. Investigators questioned McMahan at the hospital and he denied hurting the child.

The affidavit states that after extensive questioning, McMahan admitted that he sometimes would throw the infant onto the bed.

"I asked him if it was possible that the child had woken up that night and was crying and real fussy and he got frustrated with him and he ended up throwing him on his bed. Mr. McMahan told me that it was possible," said the investigator.

The document also states McMahan "...Also asked me if I could say that he tossed the infant onto the bed and not used the word "threw" because toss sounds better."

The judge has agreed to hold McMahan on $2,500 cash bail because of the allegations against him. If he makes bail, he cannot return to the residence or have any contact with the infant or the mother.

McMahan will be back in court on May 13.


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