'My Maine Ride' owner reaches settlement with the state

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Former My Maine Ride owner Glenn Gieser reaches a deal with the state.
The attorney general's office brought a lawsuit against Geiser earlier this year claiming he used deceptive practices violating Maine's "sticker rule."

After a lengthy back and forth between the state and Geiser's attorney-- Geiser agrees to suspending his license to own a car business for the next seven years and pay up to thirty-thousand dollars in repairs for cars purchased from his former businesses Bumper2Bumper, Inc or My Maine Ride.

Geiser, however, will be allowed to sell cars or work for a dealer or auto repair business under the condition that the business is not owned or operated by him or any member of his household. Geiser must notify the Attorney General's office within 30 days of any employment.

Geiser released a statement through his attorney Joe Baldacci.

"I am greatly humbled by the experience. I tried the best that I could,and though I made mistakes,we sold almost 19000 cars and employed 40 people at any given time.We all worked very hard to help,and although we as well as I made mistakes ,we tried very hard to provide affordable transportation.Despite the publicity I have been contacted by many customers who have thanked the business, for providing the services and choices to them."

Geiser went on to state he looks forward to continuing to be a productive member of society.

If Geiser violates any part of the agreement he can be charged $10,000 for each violation.


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