Former girlfriends testify in Bangor murder trial

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two former girlfriends took the stand Tuesday in Bangor's triple murder trial, giving insight into the defendants' personal lives.

The accused Nick Sexton's former girlfriend Chantee Andrews took the stand first. She told the jury she was unable to contact Sexton the night of Aug. 12, which is when the murders occurred.

Sexton and Randall Daluz are on trial for the murders of Nicolle Lugdon, Daniel Borders and Lucas Tuscano. The murders occurred August 12, 2012.

Andrews described her relationship with Sexton's relationship. She told the jury it wasn't uncommon for her calls to go ignored and said he had other girls on the side. Andrews said she finally heard from Sexton at 9:30 a.m. Aug. 13. Sexton then asked her to come visit him Maine with her children.

When Andrews arrived in Maine from Rhode Island, she said Sexton was visibly upset. They then drove back to Rhode Island together, but stopped in Massachusetts for the night. Bangor detectives came to the hotel and started asking questions, she said. Andrews said she was upset and confused, so she dropped Sexton off at their home, but decided to take her children to stay with her mother. Andrews said she needed to be away from Sexton. The next day, she said she found an unfamiliar backpack in her truck. Instead of calling Sexton, Andrews told the jury she contacted a Bangor Police detective.

"Every scenario ran through my head. I didn't know what to think," Andrew said in court.

Andrews said she was jealous of Sexton and Daluz's relationship because she felt Sexton put Daluz before her. She said it is possible Sexton lied about who he was spending time with, given his behavior. Three witnesses have testified Sexton and victim Lugdon were involved in a physical relationship. Some witnesses have even said they were a known couple.

Daluz's former girlfriend Patti Pond was the next to testify. Daluz and Pond have two children together. Pond told the jury their relationship was "rocky." She said the jury the night of Aug. 12 through the morning of Aug. 12, she was unable contact Daluz, despite multiple attempts. Pond said Sexton and Daluz usually worked with each other and would travel around New England.

NEWS CENTER will update this story has the trial progresses Tuesday.


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