Details released leading up to multi-state Amber Alert

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Thursday, a court affidavit showed exactly what and how things went down over the weekend, leading to Tuesday's multi-state Amber Alert.

The father of the three boys, Jason Lewis, claims Morris has some mental issues and that she didn't take the time to think about what she was doing. Court documents say she suffers from Schizophrenia, bi-polar and depression disorders.

According to Jason Lewis, Jackie Morris arrived to his house on Friday, un-announced, in good spirits. He says Jackie took the kids to an Extended Stay Inn for the weekend which he assumed was in Manchester, Connecticut.

Lewis documented that on Saturday, he spoke to his son's Ryan and Dylan through Jackie's cell phone. They said they were helping Jackie with laundry at the Quality Inn. He asked to speak with their mother to confirm that, but she hung up the phone...never answering or returning any other calls the rest of the night.

On Sunday, he tried to reach Jackie again.

No answer.

He finally received a call from Ryan, who he said seemed to be upset and crying. He told his dad they were on a highway and that "mommy had just gone through a toll booth," being on speaker phone, Jackie said they were going through a Connecticut toll booth and that they were coming home.

On Monday, Jason tried Jackie again to find out where they were. He got a text at 11:30 AM saying "the boys are fine" and never heard anything.

Lewis said he tried more than 30 times to get in touch with her. He spoke to Jackie's mom, dad, sister and brother...none of them knew her whereabouts.

He documented that he wanted his children returned and Jackie to be arrested for violating their custodial agreement.

On Tuesday, officials in Connecticut were able to figure out the location of Jackie's cellphone, placing her within 2600 meters of 14 Virginia Lane in Bangor. She would later be found at the Hilton Garden Inn on Haskell road where she was arrested. During which she said she went to Maine "so somebody would not take her children."

On Wednesday, Morris refused to waive extradition. Her next hearing will be June 6th.


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