A little girl's positivity is stronger than her cancer

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- In February, Wynter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer that affects the bone marrow. It's the most common cancer in children, but Wynter's case is particularly aggressive and it's taken so much more than her good health.

But she faces every day with a smile and leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. Caring for a child battling cancer is challenge that no parent is ever prepared for. Caring for a child who has been paralyzed by cancer- that's unthinkable.

But what's even more remarkable is that this particular little girl somehow finds the strength to smile and laugh every day, and her positivity is infectious to everyone who meets her. It's easy to see why everyone touched by her immediately becomes a part of Team Wynter.

"It was a mass of Leukemia cells... and they had to cut away part of her vertebra to get to it, and she's been paralyzed every since," said Wynter's mother, Lisa Przybylski.

Removing a cancerous tumor from 6-year-old Wynter Przybylski spine didn't stop the cancer from overwhelming her little body. Now she goes through intense chemo therapy and treatment - all without the use of her legs. Simple acts like using the rest room or putting on socks are difficult. Her paralysis has changed the way her whole family lives.

"For the most part, the entire second floor of our house we've just shut off, we don't use it for anything and unfortunately that's where all the bedrooms in our house are," said Lisa. "So right now we've set up Wynter's room as the dining room, we've set up the living room as our room."

But instead of being afraid, Wynter laughs and smiles just like she did before her diagnosis. In Wynter's mind, she's a normal girl and she still looks at the world with the excitement of a child. Everyone around her can't help but fall in love her.

"I do! I love when she comes in. She's just loving, like, she just wants to be with you and play with you and be normal," said Charlotte Langlois, a Certified Medical Assistant who works with Wynter at Brewer's Lafayette Family Cancer Center.

"I just love her attitude! she's positive and excited and she's just a lot of fun to be around," said Lindsay Robinson, Wynter's Occupational Therapist at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Even Wynter's Oncologist is impressed with the little girl who decided cancer won't dull her shine.

"She is positive. She's my definition of a person that can take one day at a time and try to make the most of it," said Dr. Sam Lew, Children's Cancer Specialist.

And Wynter's story has reached much further than the family ever dreamed.

"The community has really shown us that you don't have to fight this alone and that there are people who are willing to help," said Wynter's father, Dustin.

Since day one, people the family have never even met have been inspired to help Wynter and her family with fundraisers that the Przybylskis say they never would've made it through without.

"As soon as Wynter was diagnosed, I left my job. I've been out of work for four months and just that loss of income- we would've been bankrupt," Lisa said.

Money, jobs, and other every day things aren't important anymore. All that matters is being there for the happy little girl they love so much.

"To wake up every day and see Wynter smile and hear her say I love you...." Dustin struggles to finish his sentence when talking about what keeps him pushing forward.

During a time when you'd think she would need the endless support, Wynter's parents and loved ones actually draw strength from her.

"It's the fact that Wynter's so positive, it's Wynter's smile. Even though it's not as quickly as we'd like and it's not as well as other kids with the same diagnosis, we're slowly, slowly winning the battle," said Lisa.

If you would like to donate to Wynter and her family to help her fight their battle against cancer, you can gohere to do so.


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