What's Trending with Brett Whitmarsh - August 14th, 2014

Be it a monkey's selfie or a Facebook Kerfuffle, 207's social media contributor, Brett Whitmarsh, keeps an eye what's trending in the world of social media to help us stay plugged in.

You're starting tonight with something we all use everyday, but never see?

The mysterious world of WiFi is not something we think too much about until it's not working, but it is all around us.

Artist Nickolay Lamm created what he envisions WiFi would look like. He told the blog "Motherboard" that he wanted to create a way for us to better appreciate the complexity of the technology. He worked with a former NASA doctor to figure out how to make it a visual reality.

Motherboard: This is what Wi-Fi would look like if we could see it

It's rare that the most downloaded app is also the most hated. The before mentioned Facebook Kerfuffle surrounds their Messenger app. What has people so upset?

Facebook recently announced that they would be making mobile users download and use their Messenger app whenever they needed to private message someone. That move made people very upset, but then in the last week or so there had been a lot of bad information about the "terms of use" surrounding the app. To make things very clear, the Facebook app and the Messenger app's terms are exactly the same. Both ask for access to your personal information and your camera and microphone for the services they provide. If folks don't like that, then they shouldn't use the apps.

Mashable: Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Messenger App Permissions

You also have a trick around Facebook forcing users to use the app?

I do. Mashable.com reports that if you get prompted to download it, go ahead and start the download process, but once it begins stop the download and delete the app. Afterwords, Facebook's original app won't prompt you again… for now. We assume that Facebook will be fixing (and figuring out) this bug.

Mashable: Facebook Messenger App Workaround

Sticking with Facebook, you also have a warning about a scam?

It's been called one of Facebook's oldest scam and this past week it made a comeback. There is a link going around claiming you can download something to change the colors of your Facebook profile. Facebook is known for being blue and white. The malware claims it can change the colors once downloaded. After downloaded it prompts you to watch video on how to make the change and that's when the virus goes to work. The virus then gets shared to all of your friends and goes through your personal information and settings.

Mashable: Facebook Color Change Scam... again

Selfies go hand and hand with social media, but one selfie is causing quite a stir over a copyright issue, what's going on here?

Back in 2011, Brian Slater, a nature photographer, was trying to capture a moment in the wild when a monkey snuck up and grabbed his equipment and proceeded to take what the Telegraph says was hundreds of selfies. The images went viral and soon made their way into the Wikipedia media commons area where they can be downloaded and used for free.

Mr. Slater is now suing them because he can't charge for the use of the image in publications. He says it's costing him a lot of money. Wikimedia says that because the monkey took the selfie, the monkey owns the rights to the image not the owner of the equipment. It's an interesting debate that a British court is going to have to weigh in on.

Article and Gallery: At The Telegraph

Wiki's images: on the Selfie Monkey

Next up, you've been watching the Yo Yo championships?

When I was a kid I used to love doing Yo Yo tricks, but back them Tommy Smothers was my inspiration.

These days, the top honors goes to a young man from California. This video has been goring viral of his award winning performance at the World Yo Yo competition in Prague

Video: World Yo Yo competition on YouTube

Article: World Yo Yo Competition

And finally, you leave us with one happy baby

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