Tips for the first year of college

It's the time of year when kids get ready for heading back to school... and for thousands of teens in Maine, they'll be doing something for the first time -- heading to college.
It's a big step for a lot of kids, often the first time that they'll be leaving home for an extended amount of time, and the transition can be rocky.

Janet Lohmann, Bowdoin's Dean of First Year Students and Michael Wood, the Assistant Dean of First Year Students, have these tips for students and parents.

10 Things For Students To Know When Going Off To College

  1. Pack lightly
  2. Be flexible with new roommates
  3. Get your Zzzs
  4. Give yourself time to adjust
  5. Don't phone home every day
  6. Get used to asking questions
  7. Practice your manners
  8. Get a job
  9. Do something
  10. Don't try to do everything

10 Things For Parents To Know When a Child Goes Off To College

  1. Anxiety and tension will happen
  2. Encourage connections with faculty and staff
  3. Support, don't dictate
  4. Frame challenges as opportunities
  5. Understand your role and their growth
  6. Keep your expectations in check
  7. Encourage balance
  8. Listen
  9. Let them go; let them grow
  10. Mail is always welcome


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