Reilly shares experiences as Maine State Prison guard

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When Robert Reilly was applying for a position as a prison guard he told the interviewer that if he got the job, he thought he could serve the community and maybe help some prisoners. The interviewer laughed out loud.

Reilly tells the story of his experience as a prison guard in Pennsylvania and later at the Maine State Prison in his new memoir, "Life in Prison: Eight Hours at a Time."

He was a musician from England who needed a job to support his wife and young children, and is the first to admit he had no preparation for a job in corrections.

Reilly says what surprised him when he first got to Maine was how the inmates came to accept him. For him, it was his co-workers that were the challenge for him. He felt that some of the guards should have actually been the ones behind the bars.

He says there was "so much madness" behind bars that at some points he felt like he was "hanging on all the time to control".


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