Maine Water Buffalo Company

APPLETON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Water buffalo are a common sight on the farm fields of Asia. In Maine, not so much. In 2008, a family owned farm in Appleton decided to change that with the start of the Maine Water Buffalo Company. The only place you'll find a stock larger than one in the Pine Tree State.

Brian and Jessica Farrar's heard of water buffalo has grown from one to 27 head over the last six years. They use the buffalo's milk to make mozzarella cheese and yogurt and also offer 20 different cuts of meat. The Farrar's heard hold true to their name spending several afternoons lounging in the farm's pond. It's quite time like that, that Jessica enjoys most.

"That's the best time for me," said Jessica. "It's a real bonding time and there's certain ones you get more attached to and that's really neat."

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