Father continues 28 year search for missing daughter

JAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There are life events that every parent hopes for for their child. Prom, Wedding, and an overall sense of happiness. The feeling of those plans ending is an unthinkable and heart wrenching experience that Richard Moreau lived 28 years ago. His 17-year-old daughter, Kim Moreau, went out late with a friend and never came back.

Kim was last scene the night of May 9, 1986, when she left her Jay home to go out with a friend and met up with two men in their 20's. According to one of the men, Kim was dropped off early the next morning near her home and walked the rest of the way. Over the years there have been several searches by State Police, but because no body has been found there hasn't been an arrest made according to Commanding Officer with the Major Crimes Unit of Southern Maine, Lt. Brian McDonough.

"We think she's diseased," said McDonough. "We think it's a result of foul play. Unfortunately we don't have a crime scene and we don't have her remains, which would be very important in bringing this case to closure and solving it."

One person who hasn't given up the search for Kim, is her father Richard. He has put up around 300 missing person signs of Kim spanning over 130 miles of western Maine. He maintains every single one himself, using bright duct tape to catch the attention of passers by. He realizes the odds of her still being alive aren't in his favor, but the only thing he's looking for is closure.

"I can't stop, it's my daughter," said Richard as he held back tears. "It's the only thing I can do. I will keep doing it."

According to State Police, the case of Kim Moreau is one of around 100 missing persons and unsolved cases in the state of Maine.

If you have any information that will help in the search for Kim Moreau, you can call Richard at 207-897-4895.


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