Brothers' special bond pushes them through karate

AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For the last five years the Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts as been teaching students a style of Karate called Pinan-Do. There's a duo in the class learning it together who have ended up teaching the teachers a thing or two while attending.

Andrew Morisette was invited by Karate instructors, Harry and Donna Harris to attend the Phoenix Academy for a specific reason. To help him through his Cerebral Palsy. The eleven-year-old was born two months premature and was diagnosed with the disorder at birth. His motor skills and speech are limited, but his perseverance when it comes to Karate is better than most.

"There are no limits when it comes to Andrew," said Donna Harris. "He can do whatever he wants, what ever he feels he's able to do and we want to encourage him."

Andrew doesn't attend Karate alone, but is joined by his six-year-old brother Connor for every lesson. Connor is able to translate what Andrew is saying to other instructors and often times helps him through obstacles during classes.

"It's a relief knowing that Connor will be there and knowing that if [Andrew] needs help whether it's communication or anything physical," said their mother, Ashley Morisette.

The Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts has developed a Karate program for other special needs kids, all thanks to Andrew's participation. That program is called Pinan-Do-Minisan, which means "peaceful way for everyone". To learn more about the program and the Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts visit their website


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