Placenta pills help new moms get hormones and nutrients

SPOKANE, Wash. (KHQ) -- There's a new trend sweeping maternity wards and birthing centers across the country - but it's really not new at all. What began as ancient Chinese medicine is making a modern comeback and some local mothers say it really makes a big difference.

"The first placenta I ever processed was my own," Cynthia Cecil told KHQ's Kelsey Watts.

That's right: she makes pills out of placenta, the organ created in a mommy to be to give her baby nutrients, protection and regulate hormones. But when you give birth to baby, you also deliver it.

"So when that's suddenly gone, you basically have the hormonal rug pulled out from under you, so you crash really hard from that," Cecil explained. "So there are big ups and down, you cry over spilled milk quite literally."

Advocates say getting those nutrients and hormones back speeds your recovery time, helps with iron levels and milk supply, and can also fight against those baby blues.


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