People rush to beat deadline sign up for health insurance


(NEWSCENTER) -- Patrice Tait was among the people trying to sign up for health insurance through the health insurance marketplace before the March 31 deadline.

"This is like waiting to file your taxes on the last day," She joked.

Pat Tait is able to joke about a process that has been tough at times. She's tried to sign up before.

"It wouldn't let me enter what I needed to enter and I called here and she tried to talk me through it...I tried it getting off the sign and back on it again, and finally I said well can I just come see you," Pat explained.

She went to Penobscot Community Health Care where she was helped through the process by Americorps volunteer Eian Pearl. Unfortunately they couldn't get through on the phone line or the website. But she was hopeful that she at least got the process started.

Pat is s a self employed hair dresser, and bartender. She's been without health insurance for fourteen years when her husband died of cancer.

"When he passed away it was either pay my car payment or pay my helath insurance and i needed a car so," she explained.

And now she's hoping that for the first time she might be able to afford health care.

"i'm hoping that after today i wont have to worry as much about getting sick or not going to the doctor because i don't feel i can afford it."


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