Girl gets to meet her High School Musical idol

Season of wishes: Alicia's story

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Alicia Fournier has gotten to sing in some pretty amazing places. Several years ago she sang in talent shows at Carnege Hall and Radio City Music Hall.

But there she was.. on that stage --singing her heart out -- Alicia does musical theatre in town, and she sang with Santa at this year's tree lighting in Portland.

All pretty heady experiences for a girl who used to be debilitated by epileptic seizures.

"When I'm stressed I just start to sing, and I sing all the time," said Fournier.

Fournier was diagnosed at age three. By the time she was eight, she was having five -eight severe seizures a day.

They were so relentless, so utterly exhausting that she elected to have brain surgery.... twice.

Alicia loves High School Musical... she's watched it countless times.

So, when Make A Wish asked her before her surgeries, what she would wish for.. there was not a moment's hesitation.

To meet Troy... better know as Zac Efron.

The whole family flew to California, walked the red carpet to their limo, which took them to their hotel, to Universal Studios and to the highlight of the trip, the pottery studio where Alicia and five other Make a Wish kids ( all girls) spent time with their idol.


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