East Millinocket voters to decide school budget

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- "The Town that Paper Made" was once a growing and thriving area. As of now, East Millinocket is far removed from having a strong economy. Since the mill closed, it's fallen on hard times as people struggle to make ends meet.

On August 7th, the towns people are voting for a school budget that would drastically raise property taxes as a way to help fund a portion of Opal Myrick Elementary and Schenck High School. People poured into the town hall all day to cast their vote on whether this new expense should go through.

Basically, the schools budget is about $4 million for the upcoming school year. About one quarter of that or $1.2 million must come from local property taxes. School officials have cut the school budget by $221,396.

If the vote goes through the property tax will increase by 40% and it will generate about 1.2 million for the East Millinocket elementary and high school. The rest of the property tax money will go to the town of East Millinocket. So, the breakdown by numbers is 52% goes to the schools and 48% of taxpayers dollars goes to the town.

Resident of East Millinocket, Charles Power said, "There is still some fluff in that budget. I know they said they reduced it and they are bare bones, but it's like a shuffle game that takes place."

Locals have mixed emotions on whether the new property tax should go through or not.

Tony Anthony said, "In my opinion, I would like to see it passed to give us some stability for one more year."

Residents of East Millinocket are able to vote until 8 PM on August 7th.


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