Belfast Police seek man they say attempted to lure boys from city park

BELFAST, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police in Belfast have identified a man they say attempted to lure two boys away from the playground near the Belfast City Pool last Thursday.

They say the man is from out of state, and they are still looking to locate him because they want to question him about reports from witnesses that he was attempting to get a boy to follow him out of the playground, when the boys babysitter stopped him.

The incident has certainly sparked a lot of conversations among parents in Belfast about the importance of being vigilant and teaching kids about strangers.

"It's not only for me about being vigilant, but educating your kids about so they can develop their own instincts about what doesn't feel good, what's not right. And if someone is taking them away from people they know, that's not right, and they need to feel that so they can stand up for themselves," explained Jane Higgins, who took her kids to the pool and playground Tuesday morning.

Sarah Lozanova takes her kids to swim at the pool and play at the park too. It's a place they feel safe and secure.

"You think of Belfast as this safe kid-friendly community, so it is concerning," Lozanova said.

According to city officials, the man tried to lure the boy out of the playground near the city pool and across a footbridge. That's when the babysitter intervened. She took the boy away and snapped photos of the man later that day in the pool area that she shared with police.

Authorities say the man may have attempted to lure another boy away before leaving the park.

Anyone who thinks they may know the man's whereabouts is asked to contact Belfast Police at 338-2420. At this point the man is not facing any charges, but police do want to talk to him.


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