Baxter State Park closes Abol trail

MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People travel all across the country and from around the world just to hike the Abol trail of Baxter State Park. That won't be the case this summer, state park officials have closed this route because of landslide activity.

Baxter State Park has more than 200,000 miles of trail, yet most locals love to climb the Abol trail. Jensen Bissell said it's the shortest distance, yet has the most gruesome trail and as of now it's closed to hikers.

"Most of them (rocks) are unstable and I don't think they are really done moving. And a disturbance of a hiker in the vicinity or maybe just natural movement like rainfall could start them down the slops."

Bissell said park services will reassess the trail in a year. They believe the number of hikers won't change. However, if problems continue, they will look for other options or close the Abol trail altogether.


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