Inmate charged with murder makes first court appearance

7:19 PM, Mar 6, 2014   |    comments
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ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine State Prison inmate who is accused of stabbing another inmate to death last week faced a judge today in Rockland via video from the prison.

Richard Stahursky was charged with the murder of Micah Boland.  Boland died of multiple stab wounds to his face, neck and body, according to the medical examiner. He also had a fractured skull and a brain injury.

The attack happened last Friday in Boland's cell in the "pod," or cell block, where both prisoners lived. 

According to investigators, Stahursky said he was angry with Boland and had only planned to beat him up. However, he had also taken two home-made knives with him to confront Boland.

Stahursky did not enter a plea in court Thursday. His plea is expected after the case goes to the Grand Jury. Prosecutors are not sure how soon that will happen. 

Stahursky has almost twenty years remaining on his current sentence for several crimes, including assaulting a guard. If he is convicted of the murder charge, that sentence will presumably be added on to the sentence he faces now.

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