Pinball player collects 95 pinball machines in his home

9:24 PM, Mar 5, 2014   |    comments
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GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The game of Pinball has a rich history, with it's origin dating back to the days of Louis XIV. It of course has evolved from the days of the 1600's, to the machines you're more familiar with. Like any sport, it's gone through its lulls, with the evolution of the internet changing the game. There is one Mainer, who's doing his best to keep it alive.

After playing his first game of pinball in 1964, John Reuter was hooked. He's been an avid player participating in competitions all across New England. After seeing the game die out after the 1980's, he decided to create an environment in his own home for others to be able to come play.

"I wanted a variety of machines and I didn't want to get bored with the ones I had so that's what I did what I did. I bought a bunch of them," said Reuter.

He now has around 95 pinball machines total in his Gorham home. Alot of sound and alot of options for other players to choose from like Mike Haycock. He took home first place in the 2014 Maine Pinball Championship, that was held at John's home.

"There's no slouchers," said Haycock. "Anybody can have a bad game at any time. That's how pinball is."

To find out more about John and his pinball tournaments, you can visit his Facebook page, New England Pinball.


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