Goose Rocks Beach case to be reconsidered

8:01 PM, Mar 5, 2014   |    comments
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KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Attorneys representing Kennebunkport and private landowners at Goose Rocks Beach are preparing arguments again, after already spending years on the case.

The State Supreme Court has decided to reconsider its decision in Almeder v. Town of Kennebunkport.

In an appeal, the the cout ruled aganist the town, deciding that private landowners in Goose Rocks Beach have the right to limit public access.

According to Kennebunkport attorney Amy Tchao, that decision went against a century of public use, and previous cases.

She pointed to a case out of Wells Beach, in which the court decided in favor of public use.

Tchao said attorneys for the town want to know if the Kennebunkport decision overturns previous cases.

"We are certainly hoping for clarity," said Tchao. "And we are very happy that the court took this step."

She said it is rare for the Supreme Court to schedule oral arguments to reconsider a decision.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs were not available for comment Wednesday.

Oral arguments are scheduled for April 9.


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