UNH staffer accused of taking pictures of students in locker room

6:10 PM, Mar 5, 2014   |    comments
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DURHAM, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- A former University of New Hampshire athletics employee has been arrested after a locker room incident triggered a criminal investigation. 

The University of New Hampshire Director of Basketball Operations, identified as Scott Weitzell, from Newmarket, New Hampshire, was fired after allegations that he secretly took pictures of members of the UNH men's basketball team inside the team's locker room during an away game at the University of Vermont. 

The game was on Monday, Jan. 20. The allegations were brought to the attention of UNH officials one month later, on Feb. 20. 

After learning of the allegations, the UNH Police Department attained a search warrant to seize the cell phone involved with the incident.

Weitzell was arrested on Feb. 21 on charges involving resisting arrest and for [attempted] falsification of physical evidence during the investigator's attempts to seize the phone. 

He was a part-time employee was terminated from employment Feb. 25. He has also been banned from the UNH campus. 

A spokesperson with UNH revealed Weitzell's identity and details of the investigation in a press conference Wednesday. 

A statement released by the University said, in part, "UNH has been working to provide support to our student athletes and their families that affected by Weitzel's misconduct. On Monday, March 3, senior administrators met personally with members of the Men's Basketball Team and coaching staff to alert them of the allegations and the criminal investigation."

The university also said administrators reached out to parents of the athletes to inform them of the misconduct and to provide information about the counseling services available for the athletes through UNH. 

The UNH Police Department is investigating the allegations related to the men's basketball team. Search warrants have been attained for Weitzell's residence. Materials were also seized. 

In a statement, the UNH Police Department said, "At this time, it does not appear any of the materials seized include images of any person under the age of 18, and investigators are exercising all appropriate cautions to make certain any potential victims are identified and provided with counseling and other support services."

Anyone with information regarding Weitzell is asked to contact the UNH Police Department at 603-862-1427. 

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