Fire Dept. warning of snow weighing on roofs

7:49 PM, Feb 19, 2014   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you do have snow build up on your roof, you may want to consider clearing it off.

A garage in York collapsed Wednesday under the weight of snow.

Warmer weather and rain expected later this week has some firefighters concerned that there could be more roof collapses.

Tim Nangle of the Portland Fire Department says homes with flat roofs, structures with flat roofs are the most in danger of collapse because the snow has no place to go. Even sloped roofs and metal roofs are in danger if they've yet to be cleared this winter. If your roof has a drain, check to see there is a clear pathway for significant rainfall.

According to Nangle, when considering whether to shovel your roof yourself or hire someone to do it for you... it's better to let someone know you'll be up there -- but best to leave it to professionals.

"It's almost like hiking in the woods. Your kind of isolated and up their on your own and if you hurt your back... There's a good chance you're going to need help getting down," says Nangle. "Probably leave the job to the professionals."

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