Snow slows business down in downtown Portland

8:27 PM, Feb 17, 2014   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- As we prepare for more snow, cities are continuing the cleanup from the last few storms.

Since the start of the winter, the Old Port has been under 10 parking bans and some downtown businesses say it's starting to hurt their bottom line.

With a hard snow build up, maneuvering by foot or by car through the narrow streets of the Old Port can be tricky right now.

In the meantime, with each parking ban and each storm cancellation, the downtown businesses tend to see fewer customers walking through their doors.

Andrew Lees, owner of The Old Port Sandwich Shop, says he relies on customers from the courthouse and when that closes during a storm, he has to send employees home to make up for the loss in sales. 

On Valentine's Day, Sonny's Restaurant and Bar had a few cancellations due to the stormy weather, but the city's public services delayed their parking ban until Saturday morning to help ease some of the downtown parking woes for local businesses Friday night.

Portland Public Services director, Mike Bobinsky, says they'll often work with the Downtown District to ensure the city is removing snow in a timely manner, yet in a way that's the least intrusive to area businesses that rely on that downtown parking.


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