Four people in Brunswick house escape serious injury in shooting

6:56 PM, Feb 10, 2014   |    comments
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BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police in Brunswick are looking for the person who fired a shot into a house last night, barely missing one of the young people inside.

It happened about ten o'clock Sunday night at 37 McClellan Street. Sarah Ruby says she, her two roommates and a friend were watching television in the living room, when a bullet crashed through the window, through the TV screen and into the wall beside her chair. Ruby was cut on the cheek by a fragment of glass from the television, but that was the only injury.

Brunswick Deputy Chief Marc Hagan says the four young people were "very lucky, very fortunate" to escape any significant injury. That luck may have been even more critical, because Ruby says she had gotten up from the chair and crossed the room just before the shot was fired. She apparently walked through what would become the path of the bullet. -the bullet passed behind her.

Ruby says she and the others in the house don't know who would have shot at them. "We don't have a beef with anybody," the young woman told NEWS CENTER.

Brunswick Police, however, say they believe someone must have a "beef" with at least one of the people in the house. Deputy Chief Hagan says they do not believe it was a random shooting. "We believe there has been some type of incident that led up to this," said Hagan. "We believe the residence was targeted." He would not say what led investigators to that conclusion, nor would he say what type of firearm was used. Investigators used a search dog Sunday night, but did not find anything significant. Hagan says they're continuing to investigate, and are asking people in the neighborhood for any information that could help.

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