Wardens urge caution after more serious snowmobile crashes

5:19 AM, Feb 10, 2014   |    comments
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STANDISH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It has been another busy weekend for the Maine Warden Service, responding to several crashes around the state.

Eight of those crashes are considered serious. This is the second time this winter that wardens have urged caution after a series of snowmobile crashes, even if the number of crashes is down from last year. By this time last year, there were a total of 162 incidents involving snowmobiles for the season. This winter there have been 131. Search and Rescues are also significantly down. Last season by this time there had been 24. So far this season there have only been seven.

Statistically speaking, this season has been safer than last, but wardens say there are still people driving recklessly on the trails. They say snowmobilers should not ride beyond their capabilities, and should always be aware of their surroundings. They are also urging riders to slow down, as speed as been a factor in several of the recent crashes.













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