Missing dog survives winter storms

8:58 PM, Jan 10, 2014   |    comments
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MADISON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A family from Maryland is headed to Maine tonight to reunite with their dog. Their boxer "Dempsey" got lost a few days after Christmas when they were visiting family in Central Maine. It seemed unlikely the dog would survive. But there was one woman determined to find him.

"I have a boxer myself and I would be absolutely devastated if he was missing." Christine Pierce, a mother of two from North Anson, Maine didn't know Dempsey or his family, but when she saw a post on Facebook saying he was missing she felt compelled to look for him. "I had a feeling I would find him."

"Complicating the search, Dempsey was on unfamiliar ground. He lives in Maryland with his family, they were in Maine for the holidays. A few days after Christmas he jumped over the fence and got away."
Family and neighbors all started to look...but hours turned into days
and Dempsey hadn't been found. His heartbroken family returned to Maryland. There were ice storms and snow storms...temperatures dipped below zero. There was a report of a dog being hit on 201A
but it disappeared before help arrived. Christine knew she had to look one more time.

"I had the feeling I need to go out, for five or ten minutes."

She followed dog tracks to an abandoned warehouse and there
huddled in a small pile of grass she saw Dempsey, not moving.

"When I said his name and he opened his eyes a bit I started crying."
She immediately got him to the Madison Animal Hospital. He had a broken leg, and had lost half his body weight.

"He also presented with seizures when he came in, body temperature not readable on a thermometer." The hospital says Dempsey was likely just hours away from dying when Christine found him....she made the call to his owner in Maryland.

"You have my dog...Oh my God, and she is like yes...he's in poor shape but I think he's ok." His family plans to reunite with Dempsey this weekend and take him home when he's ready to travel. Christine says it will be hard to see him go back to Maryland, but it's because of her and her absolute belief that she was meant to find him that he has that chance.

"Good boy"

 A fund has been set up at the Madison Animal Hospital to help Dempsey's family pay for his medical bills, which are now over $2,000. Donations can be made directly to the hospital in Dempsey's name. The number is 207-696-5200.

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