Unruly airline passenger arrested at BIA

12:26 PM, Dec 30, 2013   |    comments
Janet Dinardi
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Florida woman was arrested at Bangor International Airport on Sunday after she became unruly.

On December 29 at about 3:30pm there were a number of passengers at BIA who were waiting to be able to board an Allegiant Air flight to Florida that had been delayed due to weather.

Officer Chris Desmond was in the secure area and observed a female passenger begin throwing some personal items around, and loudly spouting profanity about the delayed flight. He then observed other passengers get up and move away from her.

Officer Desmond informed Janet Dinardi, 54, that she would need to stop swearing and calm down as she was making other passengers uncomfortable.

She continued using profanity, now directed at Officer Desmond, and so was given a Warning to stop or she would be arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

Dinardi continued being loud and verbally abusive. At that time an Allegiant Air staff member informed Dinardi and Officer Desmond that due to Dinardi's level of intoxication and her unruliness that they would not be allowing her to board the flight. 

Officers escorted Dinardi out of the secured area and to the first floor of the terminal and informed her she would need to leave the building.

Dinardi refused to leave the building despite several warnings, and was eventually placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass. She was additionally charged with Disorderly Conduct as she continued to be loud and disruptive.

Dinardi posted bail, and is scheduled to appear in court in February.

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