Death threat delays power restoration in Hancock County

7:11 PM, Dec 26, 2013   |    comments
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ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Over 30,000 Mainers are still in the dark as crews work to clear the ice off wires, remove downed trees and restore circuits. They aren't just up against the weather though, receiving calls from several irate customers including one who made a death threat in Hancock County.

According to Bangor Hydro, one of it's customers called into it's service center Thursday complaining about a near by line crew not restoring his power. The way the system works, is that crews work to restore circuits that effect the most customers first and when that didn't include the caller he became upset.

According to Bangor Hydro Spokesperson, Susan Faloon, the caller said that they would have a melt down if crews didn't work to restore his power right away, and that they would probably kill someone. As a result of that death threat, Bangor Hydro pulled lined crews from the Ellsworth area, near where the call came from, until police were able to investigate the situation and make sure crews would be safe to continue their work.

"We can't put our employees at risk, we absolutely cannot, so we need to make sure that this is investigated and resolved before we can move forward with restoration in that area," said Faloon.

According to Faloon, after police investigated the situation, it was determined that the caller was not a threat and no arrest was made. She says that it's expected the power will be completely restored for everyone by Saturday in Washington County, by Sunday in Penobscot County and by the end of the day Wednesday in Hancock County.


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