Tough traveling two days before Christmas

7:41 PM, Dec 23, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It was tough getting around for people who put off their holiday shopping until the last minute.

With the big holiday right around the corner there are also plenty of cards and presents still to be delivered. That created some challenges for the US Postal Service.

For postal carriers it was a day to proceed with caution, as ice glazed over roadways and sidewalks. The treacherous travel conditions could not come at a worse time, just two days before Christmas.

"This morning was treacherous getting around and Today was probably our busiest day for deliveries, especially with packages, first-class letters, all the Christmas cards coming to our customers. With the weather and the high-volume today was a challenge for us", said Portland Postmaster John Godlewski.

Out at the Maine Mall the icy conditions created a good/bad situation.

Just like last weekend when a storm was predicted on Sunday, shoppers flocked to the store in huge numbers on Saturday, creating one of the busiest days of the season. But that turned into very sparse crowds on Sunday when the storm actually hit.

"Instead of seeing that even upward slope of sales, the sales have been like this over the past eight days, which is kind of weird but we're hoping to come out on top though", said Stefanie Millette of the Maine Mall.

Mall officials say it won't be until January when they see the impact of how those up and down days affected overall Holiday sales.





























































































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