More Freezing Rain for Monday; Brighter Skies for Christmas

8:08 PM, Dec 22, 2013   |    comments
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Another wave of low pressure rides up from the south and runs into similar ingredients that were in place for Sunday's icy weather. Additional icing is likely for many throughout southern and central Maine. Thereafter, sunshine returns for Christmas on Wednesday, along with chilly temperatures.

Freezing drizzle will continue through the overnight and into Monday morning.  Temperatures will not change much - 25-30° through the overnight, leading to additional glazing on cars and un- or under-treated walkways, sidewalks and bridges.

Another wave of low pressure will bring more rain that falls into colder temperatures near the ground, resulting in more freezing rain, especially for southern and Midcoast Maine, a few miles in from the coast.  Additional accretions of 1/10 to 1/4-inch of ice along with a couple more inches of sleet are possible.

We may see the sleet/freezing rain end as some light snow Monday night.

Tuesday, look for the sun to reappear, along with a few clouds.  All in all, much better weather awaits for Tuesday and Christmas Day.

Kevin Mannix is back Monday morning on the Morning Report, starting at 4:30am!


A.J. (@WxManAJB)

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