Intruders break into homes while residents sleep

11:34 PM, Dec 10, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Seven break-ins only streets away from each other and happening in just a few hours. For several residents in Bangor they woke up Monday morning to find out someone had been in their home. On a cluster of streets intruders entered seven different residences entering each in various ways.

Police still do not know the motive behind the burglaries or any suspects in custody. It is undeniable these break-ins have a lot of people living in that area of Bangor worried.

In five of the seven homes that were hit, the people living in them were asleep in their beds unaware an intruder or intruders had broken in.

Bangor police say whoever it was entered usually through back doors which were out of sight from the main road and usually not well lit.

Once inside the intruder or intruders would grab whatever was closest to the door including money and a television. That is, if someone was home. If the home was empty the thief or thieves would venture deeper into the home to grab what they wanted and left.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the burglaries. The only thing these homes had in common, they were all in the same neighborhood. The burglaries happened on Wiley Street, Holland Street, and Thomas Hill Road all of those streets just off the well-traveled Ohio street.

Police are still looking for any information. If you saw something suspicious in the area Sunday night into Monday morning you are urged to call the Bangor PD tip line at 947-7384 ext. 6.

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