Secret Santa pays off layaway bills for Renys shoppers

6:16 PM, Dec 9, 2013   |    comments
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ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Some shoppers at the Renys store in Ellsworth received some good news Monday. A Secret Santa decided to pay off the layaway bills for around 25 shoppers at the store this holiday season.

It's the second year that a woman, who chooses to be anonymous, has donated $2,000 in gift cards to the Renys store. She then has managers at the store pick shoppers in need with layaway items such as toys or other christmas presents to pay off. Around 25 people were chosen this year, and as often happens they then pay it forward also.

"It makes me realize that there are good people out there that like to pay it forward so now it's my turn to pay if forward to someone else," said Kristen Parker who was one of the shoppers chosen.

Alisha Pickard was also one of those 25 people who had her layaway bill paid off. An act of kindness that's a big help for the stay at home mother of two.

"It's hard you know, the bills don't stop just because it's Christmas so this is a huge help to have somebody do this for me," said Pickard.

According to Renys Managers, the anonymous secret santa is a seasonal resident in the Ellsworth area who donated the $2,000 in gift cards in June before leaving for the winter.


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