Headaches on the Roads Tonight and Monday Morning

7:53 PM, Dec 1, 2013   |    comments
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Winter Weather Advisories cover much of interior southern Maine as freezing rain and snow create dangerous conditions on the roads and highways.

An area of rain coming up from the waters south of New England has made it into southern Maine and will continue traveling northward.  The northern edge of the precipitation is running into temperatures at the ground that are near or just below freezing, setting the stage for a dicey night on the roads.  Unfortunately, the precipitation winds down just before the morning commute on Monday in SW Maine, meaning the morning commute will also be quite difficult, especially on untreated roads.

GRAPHICS: Precip Time Table & Accumulation Forecast

Rain, freezing rain, and snow will end from SW to NE on Monday.  Expect things to wind down for SW Maine and the Midcoast during the morning, and Downeast toward afternoon.  Areas like Calais and Eastport may not see things wind down until evening, however.

We get a reprieve on Tuesday, however. An ocean storm will gather strength and move NNE offshore from the US East Coast and head out to sea far enough that if we see anything from it at all, it would be only a glancing blow with some rain for Downeast.

Wednesday offers up the brightest skies we'll see all week, for part of the day.  Clouds will increase in the afternoon and showers are possible for both Thursday and Friday.

Stay safe tonight and Monday morning.  Kelly's back first thing on the Morning Report, starting at 4:30am!

-A.J. (@WxManAJB)

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