Seabrook Station workers facing lockout

8:29 PM, Dec 1, 2013   |    comments
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UPDATE: The plant says the owners and the union have come to an agreement, likely preventing a lockout.

SEABROOK, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) - The Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant is the largest electrical generating unit on the New England Power Grid, but soon a large number of unionized workers there could be locked out of the plant.

Contract negotiations that have been going on since September have stalled. Those negotiations are now entering the final hours before a Midnight deadline Monday night. Both sides say they are close on money issues, but union leaders say the company is refusing to budge on two key issues, the elimination of fire brigade technicians who organize firefighting efforts within the plant and the company's plan to eliminate overtime on weekends by changing workers schedules.

"We're the first one in the fleet the trying to do this with. We're always the guinea pigs and we're really tired of that as well", said Ted Jenis, President of UWUA Local 555.

Company officials the changes will bring operations in line with their other plants across the country. They say the union won't even present its offer to it's members.

"In addition to that the union has refused repeatedly to a contract extension and the union has refused to sign an agreement not to strike, so for those reasons we have no choice but to lock the union out if there is no agreement", said NextEra Energy Spokesperson Al Griffith.

226 out of the plant's 650 workers would be impacted by the lockout.


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