Sea hunter's claims challenged

7:40 PM, Nov 14, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A well known Maine mariner who says he has located billions of dollars in treasure over the years is being challenged.

Greg Brooks says he has found at least ten ships with a total salvageable cargo of 12 billion dollars. He also acknowledges he as never recovered more than a few gold coins.

A Massachusetts naval historian says Brooks and an associate named Ed Michaud have been involved in a series of "treasure tales."  Paul M. Lawton, whose researched has contributed to changes in U. S. Navy records, says that Brooks and associate Ed Michaud have been involved in "hoaxes, bogus treasure tales and salvage investment scams."

NEWS CENTER reviewed Lawton's investigation of Brooks and Michaud which goes back as far as 1987 for Michaud and 1996 for Brooks.

NEWS CENTER focused its investigation on three ships which received significant attention in Maine, the German U-boat 233, Notre Dame de Deliverance and the cargo ship Port Nicholson.


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