A Mississippi P.E. teacher is recognized for 60 years of service

10:18 AM, Nov 8, 2013   |    comments
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BLUE MOUNTAIN, Mississippi (WTVA) -- A teacher at Blue Mountain College in Mississippi will soon celebrate 60 years of teaching.

At 81-years young, Johnnie Armstrong can still keep up with her students.

It's a physical education class at Blue Mountain College where she has been now for sixty years.

"When you love something and you enjoy what you do every day, you can live a whole lifetime longer even," Armstrong said.

"A Nashville Tennessee native, Johnnie says she arrived at Blue Mountain College in 1954.

She said the minute she arrived on campus; she knew she was here to stay."

She was a coach back when Blue Mountain College girl's basketball teams would play schools like Ole Miss and the University of Georgia.

Those were different times but her students say what she still gives is timeless.

"My grandmother had her when she came here. My great aunt had her when she came here, and my mother has been taught by her. And now, I'm being taught by Miss Johnnie," said student Ruth Ann Tillner.

"I mean she's like a mama a grandmother. Everything you being away from home you know she really makes me feel special here," student Chris Whitten said.

"I think of them as all of my children really, you know," said Armstrong.

Ms. Johnnie shows no signs of slowing down.

She'll stay, she says, as long as she still hears her calling.

"As long as the Lord lets me and Dr. McMillan, she has a say in it," Armstrong said.

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