Mike Michaud announces he's gay

6:59 PM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Mike Michaud announces he's gay, says it shouldn't matter

Michaud campaign for Maine governor

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A surprise-of sorts-to Maine's political world today. Rep. Mike Micchaud, the Democratic candidate for Governor, announced that he is gay.

Michaud "came out" in an op-ed column in the Bangor and Portland papers Monday morning. He says he did it because there has been what he called a "whispering campaign" and some opposition polling about his sexuality, and he decided to bring the issue into the open.
Michaud's sexual orientation had been talked about in Maine political circles for years but the issue never went public, and Michaud has never talked about it himself. He says it was never an issue in any of his previous elections for the Legislature or Congress. "It just never affected me one way or another," Michaud told NEWS CENTER on Monday.

He says people have told him they have received political polling calls about -what he called "push polling"-about his sexual orientation. Michaud did not identify the source of those calls, and his campaign did not offer any evidence of the polling. Local polling experts say they are not aware of such a poll being cone.

Michaud said he decided it was time to put the matter to rest. He said he didn't tell his mother about it until Sunday. Michaud says he never considered it an issue and believes his private life should stay private. Some Republicans speculate the timing of the announcement is designed to get headlines for Michaud the day before Gov. Paul LePage announces the start of his own re-election campaign. That announcement will happen Tuesday night in Augusta.

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