Bangor High School continues to investigate graphic fight between students

7:29 PM, Oct 24, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Officials at Bangor High School say two students have been disciplined after a graphic fight between them erupted in the school's halls on Tuesday and then video of it appeared online.

The video was uploaded to Facebook and may have been taken down since Wednesday. In the video one girl is seen looking at a camera phone as its rolling. She then says something before turning around and viciously striking a second girl. The two then wrestle to the ground exchanging blows for more than 40 seconds before a teacher breaks up the fight.

On Thursday school administrators said that their faculty handled the fight as trained.

"I support the way that we {school staff} responded," said Paul Butler, who is the principal of the high school, "we're working with students and families working extensively with families to plan on getting students back on track..on the other side of discipline so they can get back into classrooms in a healthy way."  

School administrators would not disclose how the students involved in the fight are being disciplined. Bangor High is continuing to investigate the fight with the help of its school resource officer. We placed calls with that officer on Thursday to see if the Bangor Police Department is pursuing any criminal charges with this case. Those calls were not returned.


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