Darveau family honored after emotional football game

7:49 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It may be hard to fathom losing a child...and everyone has their own way to grieve. For the parents of 15 year-old Taylor Darveau, part of their healing process was to go to Saturday's football game between Bucksport High School and Orono.

Taylor was a cheerleader for the Bucksport squad and would have been on the sidelines with her friends and classmates. She died in a car crash last Thursday night. NEWS CENTER's Johnny Mehler was at the game and witnessed the emotional tribute between parents, and players when the game ended.

Battling against both the Red Riots and their own emotions, the Golden Bucks trailed all game. With two minutes left, they got their final chance to change that and the sidelines were louder than at any other point.    

There was a huge hole on the cheerleading squad, but Taylor was in their hearts and the hearts of all those players on the field. They were determined to win this game for her.   

Play after play the Golden Bucks drove down field and with 58 seconds left in the game, they took their first lead of the game. It was a lead they would not give up.    

The sidelines erupted with cheers and tears. Players pointed to the sky to let everyone know who they played for.    Cheerleaders, friends and family all rushed the field. One giant community celebrating more than just a victory in the game of football, but the life of Taylor Darveau.  

With the game ball in their hands, the Darveau family will never forget.  "From the bottom of my heart, you boys played your heart out for a girl who loved every one of you and this means so much to me. She may not be able to be here, but she's in everyone of your hearts," said Christina Darveau, Taylor's mother.

"Thank you for honoring my daughter tonight," said Corey Darveau, Taylor's father.

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