160th Maine Medical Association conference discusses ACA

9:24 AM, Oct 6, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This weekend is the 160th Maine Medical Association's annual conference, and as you can imagine, the Affordable Care Act is a central focus.

Groups like AARP that attended the conference say they aren't concerned about Obamacare, they're taking issue with Governor LePage vetoing a bill that would allow 70,000 people to be eligible for Medicaid expansion.

They say the Affordable Care Act was set up in a way that assumed each state accepted the federal funds for Medicaid, so it doesn't cover those 70,000 people, but the Supreme Court decided to allow each state to opt out of receiving the funds for Medicaid expansion, if they wished.

Governor LePage has vetoed every bill to allow that Medicaid expansion, and lawmakers have fallen short of overriding the veto.
So when those federal funds are allocated to each participating state on January 1st, people who aren't eligible for Obamacare will be without health insurance.

Representatives from AARP and MMA say that needs to change, and that Governor LePage is rejecting the medicaid expansion just to protest Obamacare.

According to House Republican Leader Ken Fredette, the bill is an expansion of welfare that would cover more people under a state program and that would result in more taxes for Mainers to try to support it.

Fredette says that he would like to see more Health Insurance Companies in the state as an alternative solution, to add more competition and drive the individual cost of healthcare down.












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