Historic cheerleading team needs new coach

6:30 PM, Oct 4, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Practicing their chants for Saturday's big game... the Bulldogs' cheerleaders probably aren't thinking about being part of history.

At a prep rally from as far back as as our archives go -- the video reminds us that Portland's football and cheering programs are some of the oldest in our state.

"It's really been a long-term relationship that'd we like to maintain," says Activities Director Mike Connolly.

The school needs someone to coach the cheerleading team in order to keep that tradition going... the previous coach retired after seven years then an alumn stepped-in temporarily, and this year a past assitant coach/team mom is lending a hand.

"I wouldn't let them go without a coach," says Debby Nielson. 

But the girls say they're worried they won't have a coach for their favorite time of year... competition season.

"People come to our competitions and they see a full blown out routine and they consider it an actual sport," says Senior cheerleader Ashley Perkins.  Junior cheerleader Laura Nielson says, "usually for fall we're cheering other people on and for winter it's our time."

Competition cheerleading begins mid-November and their first meet is the Regional Championship in January.

"We're looking for someone who is passionate about the sport and is passionate about working with kids," says Connolly. "And someone who's going to stick around."

The girls chant together, "because we couldn't do it all alone. We!"

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