Silence on the sidelines for Marshwood soccer

2:09 PM, Sep 22, 2013   |    comments
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SOUTH BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Marshwood Travel Soccer Club is trying something new. They're silencing the sidelines and listening to what the players are saying to each other in the absence of sideline coaching.

The initiative is called "silent sidelines" and was introduced to the club by a coach of another team who said at the end of the experiment, a parent known for sideline coaching came up to her and said he couldn't believe how loud he must sound at every game.

Mark Villinski, president of the Marshwood Travel Soccer Club, said they sent out an email to parents at the start of the season that they would try this initiative on Saturday. Most parents, he says, were "game," but some parents of kids on the younger teams were nervous that without parents and coaches telling the kids what to do, they might be lost on the field.

Some players said they couldn't believe how much they stepped up their communication during the game in order to direct each other to the goal. Others, though, said they missed hearing their moms and dads encouraging them from the sidelines.




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