Islesboro hit hard in thunderstorms

6:38 PM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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ISLESBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The storm that brought a lightning show to most of us Wednesday night, slammed into Islesboro.  Trees were down all over the island, but the southern half was hit the hardest.

Islesboro Public Safety Director Fred Porter said that he was still trying to assess how many homes and cars were hit by trees. Crews worked overnight to clear the many cedars and other trees that fell down over on Main Road, West Bay Road, Ferry Road and other major ways through town.  The entire island was without power at one point.  By mid-afternoon Thursday, about half of the island's power was restored.

People who live or have houses on the island say they haven't seen damage like this in years. Mike Boucher takes care of the Weaver Estate, where two BMWs were smashed by a tree. He estimates about 100 trees came down on that property.  Boucher said, "I remember years ago, we had an ice storm that was pretty horrific and it's been a long time since I've seen this much at this time of year."

Karen Hatch came to the island to check on property she rents, and discovered the wind had done a number on the place.  "The power, the wind," she said. "We can't comprehend. Trees uprooted. I mean, these great big 40 foot cedar trees totally uprooted, like 10 of them."

One bright spot, according to Porter. No one has been injured.


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