Young waitress shocked by hurtful racial slur left in place of a tip

3:22 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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FRANKLIN, Tennessee (WSMV) -- A Franklin, Tennessee waitress says what started as a normal shift at the Red Lobster ended with a customer writing a racial slur on a receipt.

Toni Jenkins wants to be a nurse because she says she loves to serve. And she took a job at Red Lobster earlier this year to save money for a new car. She loves the place, the food and her co-workers.

"I love being with people, period. So just the fact that the employees and the management embrace me, I love it. It's great," she said.

But this weekend, she says a run-in with some difficult customers shook her confidence.

"My only desire is just to stand up for what's right," Jenkins said.

A table of two, who racked up more than $40 over lunch, left a message on their bill. In the tip line, is the word "none," and in the total, the N-word.

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